Application Process

Application Process

After you have received the necessary information and we have answered all of your questions, now you are ready to start the application process. 

Step 1


Complete Application

Step 2

Complete Registration


We are so excited you are at this step.  Now, all you have to do is complete the registration process to start viewing the available opportunities to start servicing Fortune 500 companies.

Step 3


Company Agreements


We are almost there.  Now that you have completed the registration process, we will now send you the independent contractual agreements and other business documents to make it official.  Check your email inbox for an email from Google-Sign.

Final Step

Welcome to AYS Business Solutions

You are now a part of our team.  Welcome.  We are so excited that you have taken this leap of faith and embarking on a new wave of working.  Now, let's get you started in learning the ins and outs with servicing remotely.  Let's GO...